Having A Birth Photographer at the birth your baby

Having a birth photographer at the birth of my baby. I am still in my twenties and a happy mom of two beautiful children. Having an unplanned emergency c-section with my first pregnancy I was completely uninformed on my birth options. Not even knowing Birth Photographers existed let alone the amazing work they do. I would love to share my birth story and personal journey with you.

A Mom’s Take On A Vbac And Having A Birth Photographer Present At The Birth Of Her Baby

I was pregnant with my second baby. Hearing that a VBAC, “vaginal delivery after caesarean” could be an option for me. Women used to be told that once they’ve had a c-section, they would have to get another . I did some digging and not so long ago cesareans were performed by making a large incision in your abdomen. Often times a vertically cut was made. While the vertical incision does have its upsides. It does however render a woman unable to attempt a vaginal birth in the future. Today, the incision is made much smaller and lower down on the abdomen. It now offers the chance to attempt a vaginal delivery after having a previous cesarean. Should a woman want to in the future. How amazing is it that today we have options?

c-section birth photograph

Let’s start with some background looking back on my first pregnancy

Looking back at the birth of my first baby. I now realize how important it is to be informed about birth. You have to know how your body works and functions during birth and how your body changes during pregnancy. Back then, I was only 21 and have never heard of antenatal classes. Had I gone to a couple of birth classes, I would have learned about the risks. I would have learnt how to (during my pregnancy) minimize those risks by being informed and taking care of myself. Needless to say, things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. I ended up having a c-section with my first baby, which was never part of my plan.

My second pregnancy and VBAC

Before I fell pregnant with my second child, I was determined to do things differently this time around. I did my research and that’s when I learned that a VBAC was an option for me. I discovered midwives and doulas, which I had no clue existed with my first pregnancy. My husband and I signed up for antenatal classes which was the best decision that I could have made EVER! Not only did it include and inform him on what my body was going through during labour and birth. It also gave him the facts (which men love) and that knowledge gave him confidence in trusting the birth process. It brought us closer together because he knew how to best support me. When labour started, he knew exactly what I needed. He was the best birthing partner I could have asked for.

My experience in having a Birth Photographer present at birth

With all the information I gathered, I was excited. To experience a TOL (trial of labour) in the comfort of my own home. I knew that this was something that I most likely wouldn’t go through again. (We planned on only having 2 children). I wanted to remember all the special moments I missed during my first birth. Birth Photography was new to me but after seeing the amazing photos of births and watching endless birth video’s. I knew that this was something that I wanted.

My Birth Photographer provided me with photos of moments captured that I wasn’t aware of that happened. I was able to see my husband in full supportive mode while I was battling through contractions. I was able to witness myself step into my power. Without someone there whose sole purpose was to capture these special moments. I would have never known how strong I was and how precious it all was.

Today I look back and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I had the opportunity to do things differently. Thankful for birth photographers who capture all the little things and cherished moments we miss during the labour process.

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