A quick guide to safety in pregnancy

Your body has many built-in mechanisms to help protect Baby, but when in doubt, refer to this handy guide!

Alcohol, smoking and drugs and the safety in pregnancy

All of the above could have serious negative effects on your Baby, and should be avoided completely.

On a platter, Food in pregnancy and safe are they?

Pay attention to your body; if a certain food makes you feel ill, there’s usually a good reason for this. Avoid any foods you or immediate family members are allergic to. Biltong and soft blue-veined cheeses, raw-fish sushi and animal organ pâtés. Coffee and other caffeine products should be limited, although caffeine-rich energy drinks should be avoided altogether. Fasting is not advisable in any stage of pregnancy.

Speaking to your doctor in pregnancy

Any treatment session such as aromatherapy or reflexology should always be done with a qualified professional. Who regularly works with pregnant women. If, during any medical treatment, you feel uncomfortable from lying on your back, tell your therapist and change positions. Medicines should mostly be avoided, especially in the first trimester. If you do need to use medication. Talk to your doctor and the pharmacist, read the leaflet insert, and contact the manufacturer. Often, there are safe homeopathic remedies that could be used as alternatives. X-rays are preferably avoided, but if necessary, make sure the radiology department knows you’re pregnant.

Going from A to B safely – Traveling safely in pregnancy

Most airlines allow flying until about 34 weeks. After which, they simply require a letter from your doctor stating that you aren’t at risk of early labour. Travelling by car when pregnant is mostly fine. Always wear a seat belt below and above your belly – you are not immune to accidents!

Managing your Beauty Routine in Pregnancy

It’s probably safe to occasionally have your hair coloured or nails done after the first trimester. But if you work with these products daily, you may need to be more cautious. Read the safety guidelines of all beauty products, and if in doubt, check with the manufacturer. Pigmentation marks cannot be treated during pregnancy because the medications are contra-indicated. Avoid exceptionally high temperatures from saunas, steam baths, sun-beds, or tanning.

Feeling gravity during pregnancy

Your centre of gravity shifts when you’re pregnant, so be careful when picking up heavy objects, especially wriggling toddlers. Wear sensible flat shoes, or shoes with a broader heel. If you do fall, your baby is well protected by the amniotic waters and strong muscular wall of your womb. But if his movements change drastically. Or if you notice any bleeding or abnormal discharge from your vagina, see your doctor immediately. 

Cats! Kitty litter in Pregnancy

It’s best if you are not the one changing the cat litter. Due to the risk of toxoplasmosis, a bacterial infection that can be harmful to your baby in pregnancy.

Vitamin A – What is too much?

Excessive amounts could lead to birth defects, but only with megadoses from supplements. Not from food sources – indeed, vitamin A as part of a healthy diet is still very important.

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