Waterbirth mom hanging over bath

Best tips for a better birth

These six tips for a better birth will help you have the most special of all birthdays; the one when you welcome your baby into the world.

Preparation, preparation, preparation for a better birth

Read as much about birth as you can, be aware of all your birth options so that you choose the one that best suits you, and draw up a birth plan that you discuss with your midwife or doctor. Remember, no birth is predictable, so you’ll need to be flexible about your birth plan, but having an idea of what to expect could help tremendously.

Pace yourself in early labour for a better birth

If your contractions have just started, pace yourself by either going back to sleep (if labour wakes you at night), read, water the garden, take a deep warm bath, or go for a gentle walk. You could also do a few last-minute chores – nothing too strenuous, though. You only need to go to the hospital or birth centre when your contractions are regular and strong.

Eat! Yes, eat!

It may sound strange to eat during labour, but you’re going to need your energy – it’s called ‘labour’ for a reason! Have small, light meals like fruit or steamed veggies, and drink fruit juice or rooibos tea.

Pack a hot water bottle AND an ice pack

Some women just love the warmth of a hot water bottle placed on their back or lower abdomen during birth, whereas other women find cold ice packs help with the pain more.

Proper support for a better birth

Apart from your partner, it can be extremely helpful to have your mother or a doula with you during labour. Whoever you choose to see you through could help by wiping your brow with a facecloth, giving you a gentle massage, and encouraging you throughout – whatever you need them for, really.

Give birth in an upright position

It can be extremely uncomfortable to lie on your back during labour. Instead, walk, stand, squat, rest your upper body on a table and kneel on all fours. This will speed up the labour process, and reduce your pain. When deciding which position to give birth in, simply pay attention to your body – it will tell you which one is best.

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