Birth Photography in South Africa, Namibia, Limpopo and Mpumalanga

Birth Photography started up over ten years ago in South Africa. With just a handful of creatively talented photographers and their dream to capture the most powerful moments in birth. We now have over 60 of the best birth photographers spread across the country and beyond its borders.

Unfortunately for many pregnant moms that we meet along the way. They did not even know that having a birth photographer in South Africa was an option for them. We hope by growing further and stronger across South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho. Many more will know that having this beautiful moment captured is available to you.

Birth Photographer | Namibia

We currently have a wonderful birth photographer in Namibia. Janice Thompson who has been waving the birth photography flag high for Namibia. Janice is based in Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek.

Lesotho | Birth Photographer

Our Lesotho birth photographer is Jeannie Lin who is based in Phalabowra, Limpopo. You can take a look at her portfolio on the following link. . Tzaneen Mediclinic has been home to some wonderful images captured there by Jeannie on a regular basis. 

Mpumalanga Birth Photographers

Lianke Goosen is based in Mbombela, Nelspruit. Lianke has been a registered birth photographer for sometime. She has documented some incredible births, including this little premie baby at Mediclinic Nelspruit some time ago. You can go over to her website via the link.

Cape Town Birth Photographers

Cape Town hospitals and doctors have always been the most open to birth photography and have worked continuously with South African Birth Photographers Association in order for us to correctly create boundaries for the registered photographers allowing safety for the medical staff as well as their patients and our clients. As registered birth photographers in South Africa we strive to keep an open and respectful relationship with all our Mediclinic, Netcare and Life hospitals in which we work.

Gauteng Birth Photographers

Gauteng birth photography is growing. With the respect and experience of our registered birth photographers we are developing a well known reputable presence within the birth community. Many hospitals and gynaecologists are still weary of our presence at a birth and in their space but we have seen a massive increase in patients desire to have a birth photographer present at their birth and hospitals allowing us the opportunity to build trust in the work and images we provide our clients.

Kwa-Zulu Natal Birth Photographers

Kwa-Zulu Natal is also picking up in the last year with interest and photographers really putting their birth photography dreams out there into the community. We will certainly be breaking through a lot more in the coming year or two and we cannot wait to share the journey with you as we develop in and across Durban and KZN as a whole.