Breastfeeding: Worth its weight in gold – Breast Milk

Nursing your baby and breast milk, often referred to as liquid gold, are valuable gifts for both you and your baby. Here’s why:

  • Colostrum provides instant immunity to a wide range of diseases
  • Breast milk decreases the likelihood of digestive problems 
  • Continued breastfeeding reduces risk of infection and illnesses
  • Long-term, breastfed babies have better jaw development, are less likely to develop eating disorders, and overall, experience better health
  • Breastfeeding helps your uterus to contract after birth
  • Breastfeeding reduces your risk of breast and ovarian cancer

Mother’s milk as medicine

Did you know that breast milk also has medicinal properties? You can help:

  • Heal the umbilical cord quicker by drizzling a few drops onto the stump and into the navel at each nappy change
  • Alleviate conjunctivitis (‘pink eye’) by expressing a few drops and dripping into the eye with an eye dropper, or moistening a cotton wool ball with breast milk and then gently wiping Baby’s eye
  • Disinfect a cut with a few drops of breast milk – the antibodies in the milk will help to heal the wound and prevent infection
  • Relieve itchy mosquito bites by dabbing with cotton wool soaked with breast milk
  • Ease an ear infection naturally with three to four drops of breast milk at the entrance of the ear
  • Treat a stuffy nose by squirting a few drops of breast milk up the nose with a syringe

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