How can the South African Birth Photographers Association help me get into a hospital in my town?

At the South African Birth Photographers Association we respect the birth space. We respect the boundaries that are set within the birth photography and medical photography pillars. It is our dedicated focus here at SABPA. We are here to provide up to date requirements which hospitals set up for this industry on an ongoing basis. Hospitals trust that a SABPA registered photographer knows the rules of the birth industry.

We do not guarantee an IN at any hospital. Trust is earned and covid restrictions may still differ hospital to hospital. Should you wish for SABPA to contact a hospital on your behalf to make an introduction we will happily do so. If the hospital be unwilling to allow photographers through the door we will do our best to keep open lines of communication with them. And to keep working along side you in order to achieve access through patience and understanding.

Birth photography is a new and growing industry and doctors as well as the hospitals are the gatekeepers. Hospitals and doctors decide if a birth photographer is allowed in the birth space or not. It is also a medically important environment where many lives are at stake.

Photographers need to at all times be professional. Understand the space they are working in. Capture profound moments. But not get in the way of the medical care that the mom requires. You also need to be aware of your presence. Giving the birth family the space they need to experience these moments. 

Each interaction can influence how birth photographers are perceived by moms, doctors, anaesthetists, nurses and birth partners. These people are key to the growth of the industry.

Our photographers are trained to be professional in these spaces. Access to hospital relationships and are provided with the documents needed to get access to the birth space. With all this in mind, we do not want our photographers to undercharge as it undermines the industry greatly.  

We know that standing out from the rest and providing something more unique and special to our clients is what sets us apart. Delivering a great experience and beautiful quality work goes a long way towards achieving this. We recommend putting together some ideas on where you would like to be in terms of your service level. And what you want your reputation to be based on. It is all a process of growing and learning so keep exploring your ideas.