Doula Essence – A course for Birth Photographers


SABPA and the team at Mama Bamba came together to create this powerful and unique course. Covering the most important aspects of labour and birth, allowing you to grow confidently in the field. As a birth photographer you are able to provide your client with not only beautiful photography but equipping you to be a birth support to your clients too. Dig deeper into your creativity and capture even more powerful moments in birth by absorbing this incredible knowledge.

With years of experience as a birth photographer, Kristen (head of SABPA) knew first hand the pivotal support role birth photographers play. However, she also recognised a knowledge gap in this crucial area of offering support, which often left her feeling out of her depth in birth spaces. If she was feeling this way surely others were too, this got her thinking about how educating herself and understanding more about both the physiology of birth as well as the deeper emotional aspects would greatly enhance the service she could offer her clients. This added depth of knowledge would allow her clients to feel supported and recognised throughout their birth experience and would reflect in the images she captured.

Another key motivation for creating this course arose from our realisation that many women choose birth photographers and often do not have doula’s present at their birth. Frequently, you, as a birth photographer, step into the role of capturing poignant imagery for your clients while also providing emotional support and maintaining a nurturing environment for both your client and their birth partner. The tools and skills that we share in this course will allow you to feel more confident in this multifaceted role.