The Significance of parenting

There’s no job in the world more important than creating, carrying and raising children! In mothers’ wombs and in parents’ hands nestles the future of their own families, their communities, their countries, their planet and their universe. Because of this, parents need to take the bigger picture of creation into account. As parents, we are creating and influencing humankind’s future – how awesome is that? 

The significance of pregnancy

It truly matters what mothers and fathers do to their bodies as they prepare for babies. Positive and uplifting thoughts, feelings and deeds help create a nurturing environment for a baby to grow and thrive in. By constantly challenging yourself to be the best you can, by enthusiastically looking for the best in the world and by going out of your way to make this world a better place, you’ll create an endless emotional capacity that your developing baby will soak up. 

During pregnancy, it’s so important to reflect and prepare yourself emotionally for your new little one. Having a child will impact strongly on your life, and women often become far more introspective when they’re pregnant. Embrace these deeper processes – you are a partner in creation, remember, and what is a physical creation without a soul?

The significance of birth

Babies operate according to natural laws. These natural laws create a whole bunch of expectations that babies have when they come into this world. You could almost say that they are ‘programmed’ to expect the very best birth, postnatal period and childrearing possible.

These laws of nature lead babies to expect a natural birth, and this expectation should only be broken if Mom or Baby are in real danger, at which stage, intervention is the kindest option. It saddens me that we so easily break our unwritten contract with our babies. It might seem that the man-made way is easier, more efficient and just plain better than what nature has on offer, but as midwives, we beg to differ strongly with this approach. 

The significance of parenthood

A parenting style that acknowledges the importance of raising children will inevitably be a more hands-on, involved experience. Never be tempted to sell the value of parenting short. It is the only thing that can effectively steer humans through all the changes and challenges life will throw at us. Every human can be a hero or heroine, no matter how humble the field of endeavour. Never, ever, look down on anyone, always encourage creativity in children and in so-doing, you can help people be truly human.