Tips On How To Choose A Birth Photographer Part 2

C-section mom on table

Asking the right questions can be really helpful when meeting with a potential birth photographer.

Being prepared before you meet with your birth photographer can be helpful when it comes to finding the right person for the job.

I asked Leonie Jordaan, founder and owner of Soulburst Photography   and registered SABPA member, if she can help with a few important questions to ask your photographer, and this is what she said:-

“When looking at a potential photographer’s website, you will find that one or more of them resonates with you and your needs. You will often times have a gut feeling when looking at their work and style and it is important not to compromise on hiring that photographer. It might be that the one that resonates with you might also be someone who is a little out of your budget. That feeling that you had when looking at their work is a feeling worth trusting. If it would mean cutting down on expenses in other areas, if possible at all, do it for a period of time to save up a little extra to afford him or her. The birth of your baby is something that can’t be reshot or recreated. You need to have someone who can quickly improvise in a situation that requires it and who can adapt easily. Hire someone who’s portfolio shows that their able to get the more difficult shots.”

What to ask when meeting the Birth Photographer?

Tracey Baard, also a Registered SABPA member, adds a couple of important questions to ask when meeting a potential photographer.

  1. Is the photographer familiar with the hospital where your birth will be at?
  2. Are they located near the birthing centre?
  3. Do they have a backup photographer in case of an emergency and who will the backup be?
  4. Does the photographer have their support structures in place so that they are able to drop everything when the call comes in?
  5. Is the doctor familiar and comfortable with the photographer being there and have they worked together before?

“It’s important to look at reviews too. A word of mouth recommendation can be really helpful.”

All three professional photographers highlighted the importance of hiring a registered SABPA photographer.

“Your photographer must be someone who understands the Auth of Conduct and adheres to it,” Adette added.

“Hiring someone that has been registered, means that you can be assured that the photographer has been through basic training, understands the code of conduct and knows their place in a medical room. Hiring someone who knows how to work together with medical staff and all the abovementioned is hiring someone who is going to give you the best possible outcome in any situation, “ Leonie said.


Newborn baby looking at camera

I asked our photographers if there was anything they wanted to add and this is what they had to say.

“My golden rule is, rather 10 hours early than 10 minutes late!” – Tracey Baard 

“ As a birth photographer, I am passionate about what I do! It is important that my clients feel safe and understood and know that their privacy is very important to me.” – Adette Ferreira 

“Something I like to do and have found really helpful is after I have taken a few shots, to show the client one or two so they can see what they look like. We are all human and crave some form of control. For a mother in labour, control is something that has to be completely surrendered. This can create a little bit of anxiety. I have found that reassuring them that they look great and that I am getting the important shots gives them some form on control and calmness.”  – Leonie Jordaan