Tips On How To Choose A Birth Photographer

New Mom with fist in the air

Along with all the happy hormones and butterflies couples experience when finding out they’re expecting, comes a whole lot of planning and preparation for the arrival of their little bundle of joy.

One of these could be choosing the right birth photographer to capture some pretty precious memories on your behalf!

We thought it might be a good idea to help out when it comes to making that decision. We have asked a couple of our registered SAPBA members to weigh in on a couple of questions that a potential new client might find helpful.

How do you make potential clients and current clients feel more at ease about having you in their birthing room?

“ I always try and meet up with clients over a casual cup of rooibos, or a zoom call to discuss their birth plan. We discuss their concerns, plan of action on the day and I help them with smaller details like what to include in their hospital bag etc. Once you’ve met, it’s one less thing to worry about on the day. As a photographer, you are part of their birth team and not a stranger.” Tracey Baard

Tracey says that she also offers packages that include gender reveals and maternity shoots before the baby is born, which really helps with breaking the ice for both parents.

Newly born Baby

Another registered SABPA member, Adette Ferreira, adds that in some cases she only gets to meet the couple at the hospital for the first time and that can be a little daunting. But with getting to know one another through jokes, telling personal stories to get acquainted and offering loads of support, both her and her clients are at ease and along with the birthing team everyone works wonderfully together. Adette says that she sometimes play the role of a doula without actually being one and that she loves helping out where she can.

“More often than not, the mommy will have her maternity shoot with me beforehand and that really gives us some bonding time.” Adette Ferreira

woman giving birth in water

One of our other members, Leonie Jordaan, has a bit of an advantage when it comes to helping her clients feel at ease.

“I feel that every client needs something different to help them feel understood and at ease with hiring me as their birth photographer. It’s important to know what that is and to be able to meet your clients where they are at. I have a background in psychology and I feel that that is something that really helps me understand what my client’s needs are and for me to meet them there.” Leonie Jordaan

In the second and final part of “Tips on how to choose a Birth Photographer”, we will discuss important questions to ask a potential photographer in your search to finding the right one for you.