A story of adoption from a birth photographer’s point of view

parents in field with yellow flowers holding daughter's hand

Kristen van Staden, owner of Yellow Lemon Birth Photography ( https://www.yellowlemonbirthphotographer.com/ ) and founder of the South African Birth Photographer’s Association beautifully describes being part of a couple’s adoption journey.

Parents to be – just not sure when

This was the theme from the beginning of my communications with Frieda. Frieda had been following my feed for a while on Instagram, after finding a beautiful video from an adoption documented by Marysol.

Frieda and I chatted about the option to photograph an adoption shoot when her and her husband finally received the notification from their social workers about their baby. The adoption process can be long and complex, so I knew from the start it would be a waiting process. My role in supporting Frieda and Tom in their journey to parenthood would work slightly different to my usual clients. But I would handle it with the same compassion and flexibility that I encompass with the uncertainties and challenges that come along with a client’s due date.

parents walking in road holding daughter's hand

The Call

Frieda and Tom were planning on travelling from Germany to adopt here in South Africa. With Covid-19 restrictions in place, all international adoptions were put on hold for a while. So, we waited some more. My own anticipation for the adoption was heightened, so I can only imagine how difficult the process is for the parents-to-be.

14 months later I received an email from Frieda that they received ‘THE CALL’. Their baby was waiting for them! Oh, how my heart skipped so many beats in the excitement I felt for Frieda and her husband. And not only for them but also for their little baby that would finally arrive home, in the hearts of her mama and papa who have been so excited to meet their child for so long.

Unfortunately,due to Covid I was not allowed to go to the very first meeting, so I waited patiently for my chance to capture this now family of three – a session I had been waiting to photograph for over a year.

husband and wife with their foreheads together

The joy of capturing the new family

It’s remarkable how emotions of pure bliss and joy can come through your lens like a straight flutter to the heart. And on top of that, how spoilt are we for choice of scenery in magical Cape Town! I suggested to Frieda that we photograph their family with the iconic Table Mountain in the background. After all, this is the birthplace of their little girl! These photos will be something for her to treasure as she grows up.

We were really blessed with dramatic clouds, a piercing blue sky and blossoming wildflowers. It was as if all the elements were celebrating this incredibly special time for the family.

November also just happens to be World Adoption Month – the absolute cherry on top of this beautiful adoption story!

Birth photographers get to be part of such special beginnings, new families in all forms.

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