Exams & Registrations

Exam and Registration Process

You’ll need to complete your birth photography exams and registration to become a member of SABPA. Please note that the examination process will soon change to an automated online process. However, the existing process has to be followed meticulously.

How to become a registered SABPA Birth Photographer

A non-refundable administration and examination fee of R1 470 is payable to SABPA upon requesting your examination paper. You will then receive all the documentation needed to complete your exam. You must read and familiarise yourself with all the content to pass your exam with a minimum of 85% pass rate. You are welcome to refer to the documentation while writing your exam. However, we feel the better you know and are familiar with the birthing process and material, the more it will serve you as a credible birth photographer.


Once you have completed your exam paper and returned it for marking, we will notify you of your results within 5-10 business days. If you pass your SABPA Entry Exams, you will be required to pay an annual membership fee of R1 970 within four weeks of receiving your results.

Once your annual membership fee has been received, your application will be processed within 5-10 business days. After that, your membership will be finalised, and you will receive your SABPA license, which is required to take photographs at hospitals and birthplaces. All SABPA licenses have to be renewed on an annual basis, and photographers have to remain clear on any updated SABPA rules, regulations and guidelines. Once your first year has been completed, you will have the opportunity to switch to a monthly payment option or remain on your annual fee for the next 12 months.

Have more questions? We are more than willing to assist. Once you are a SABPA-registered birth photographer, you can book a private mentoring session with one of our head photographers. 

The rates are R750 p/h for a virtual session if you have some specific questions to go through.

Alternatively, you can book five sessions at R2 750, where we will discuss and cover the following areas:


Mediclinic baby holding dads finger with all his tiny fingers
member of South African birth photographers association
Baby being lifted for parents to see for the first time