The Ideal Birth Photographer

Questions parents should ask when selecting a birth photographer:

  • Does the photographer tell the whole story? Anyone can have a handful of amazing images, and the skill lies in telling a compelling story. Before you hire a birth photographer, ask to see a complete portfolio. If the photographer doesn’t have a portfolio, it’s a necessary disclosure.
  • Does the photographer have experience in different types of birth photography (both natural and C-section)?
  • Does the photographer have a good report with the medical professionals and institutions in your area, e.g. does she have a practice close to your hospital of choice/place of birth?
  • Is the photographer a registered member of the South African Birth Photographers Association (SABPA)?
Dad holding newborn baby after birth in hospital

Birth Photography is a labour of love.

Mediclinic delivery with dad holding new birth son

More questions a parent should ask when selecting a Birth Photographer

  • Does the photographer have client references?
  • Does the photographer have a birth code of conduct and an understanding of hospital and theatre regulations, and will he/she share a copy with you?
  • Has the photographer’s work been published before?
  • Will the photographer provide you with a proper birth photography contract?
  • Will the photographer be 100% on-call and ready to attend your birth at any hour?